Corona on the Highways

It has been 100 days since the first Corona Virus case was reported in Kenya.  The cases for those infected by the virus has reached 5,000.  The cases have been increasing on daily basis but in the month of June the numbers reported have been very high with many wondering what could have triggered the numbers to increase that much. Most people have been seen not wearing the face masks and others though wearing the masks, are doing it wrongly by either covering the head or the chin for others. This could be one of the reasons why the rate of infections are escalating. 

Doctors and Nurses fight Corona Virus

Doctors and Nurses all over the world have been fighting the corona virus by risking their lives to save others.  This is being witnessed through the daily reports we receive from the ministry of health.  Some doctors and nurses have also been infected by the virus but they have not given up.  The fight against the virus continuous.  When this pandemic was first announced in Kenya many people including doctors and nurses panicked.  We all feared for our lives, and those of our loved ones and children.  Most of the people were shaken when isolation facilities were introduced to quarantine th


The Corona Virus has been with us since March 2020 to date.  It has spread all over the country and it has caused many people anxiety and panic wondering what to do next.  The young and the aged are all worried. Through this confusion, stress and worry that the pandemic has caused, the young activists and volunteers across the globe are generating ideas, energy and empathy, saving countless lives by distributing sanitizers and sensitising the the people on the best way to combat the spread of the virus further.