Sucessful online Teaching and Examination at Caselap, University of Nairobi.

The Director of CaseLap at the University of Nairobi School of Law, reported that they had successful teaching, learning  and online examinations last week for their students.  That all the students had smart phones with them which enabled the lecturers to deliver content to them without problems.  Furthermore he noted that during the examination time they had hiccups with connectivity and accessibility but later this challenge was resolved by the ICT team which was available through out the examination period.

Natural Disasters and Poor network affect online teaching and Learning

Poor network coverage in most parts of the country has affected the online teaching and learning.  In most parts of the country there has been heavy floods and landslides.  Due to these issues most of the students from the areas have been reporting that they have been unable to remain as consistent as their counterparts from other private institutions who are less affected.  The student of the University of Nairobi reported this on Sunday June 13, 2020 that most of them are not ready to sit for online examinations as they had missed most of the online lectures due to network interference.

State House officials Test Positive for Corona Virus

Corona has been detected in the state house.  Yesterday on Monday June 15,2020 the State House spoke person Kanze Dena confirmed that four employees had contracted the virus and they were being treated at University of Kenyatta Hospital.  She also noted that the families of those four had been quarantined to contain the spread of the virus further.  She however also confirmed to the public that the President and the First family were also tested and found to be safe from the virus.