Doctors and Nurses fight Corona Virus

Doctors and Nurses all over the world have been fighting the corona virus by risking their lives to save others.  This is being witnessed through the daily reports we receive from the ministry of health.  Some doctors and nurses have also been infected by the virus but they have not given up.  The fight against the virus continuous.  When this pandemic was first announced in Kenya many people including doctors and nurses panicked.  We all feared for our lives, and those of our loved ones and children.  Most of the people were shaken when isolation facilities were introduced to quarantine th

Preservation of Archival Records

Archival records are the by-product of human activity retained for their long term value.  The are contemporary records created by individuals and organisation as they go about their business and there they provide a direct window on past events of an organisation or an individual.  They come in a wide range of formats including written, photographic, moving images, sound, digital and analogue.  An archive is a repository or room or building where archival materials are preserved for present and future reference.  The archival records are unique in that they are usually original documents p

Call for Chinese Scholarship 2020 Applications

The University of Nairobi in collaboration with the Chine Embassy in Kenya initiated the scholarship programme for the University needy students way back 2013.  Every year the Embassy has been issuing the scholarships to the needy students to enable them pursue their studies in all academic disciplines.  So far 58 needy students have benefited from this programme Since 2013.   The Chinese Embassy in Kenya has been issuing scholarships to the needy students to pursue their studies without fee problems.