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The people of Nyeri have great expectations about what this first County Government will do for them. It is a new beginning and one that not only offers us an opportunity to dream together but to chart a new course to transform Nyeri into one of the most admired Counties in Kenya.

As the Governor and with the support of Nyeri County Nyeri is in the path of success. I will ensure an elaborate policy and legislative framework is in place to support the dreams we have for our people.I have undertaken to work with the key stakeholders from various sectors including education, trade, transport, tourism, hospitality, civil society organizations and men and women of this County when making key decisions.

On representation my government will be steadfast in ensuring gender representation and inclusion of persons with disabilities and minorities not just because the law requires it but because my leadership is committed to social justice.

As I said during my swearing in a few weeks ago, I intend to focus on a Ten Point program through which I expect that we can transform this County.

The agricultural sector remains the backbone of the economy of Nyeri County. The focus of my  Government will be to seek ways and means to modernize farming methods, support access to affordable credit, and most important to add the value of the produce within the borders of the county so as to achieve two key goals. One, increase the wealth of our farmers and two generate employment for our young and growing citizens, mainly in dairy, coffee, tea and the horticulture industries. Already task forces are in place to implement these initiatives. My government will also employ the public private partnership approach in promoting agriculture in the county.

Water: Currently, from statistics available from Tana Water Services Board access to water coverage in Nyeri county stands at 96% for Nyeri Municipality, Tetu at 74%, Othaya and Mukurwe-ini at 74%,  Mathira and Kieni constituencies at below 30%. My government will be sourcing funds from GoK and other Development Partners to ensure adequate provision of water in the county. The County has a huge potential for irrigation. We must plan and actualize this potential in order to reduce over reliance
on rain-fed agricultural production. In this regard, my County Government will work with key  stakeholders to increase rain water harvesting especially in the dry parts of the county such as parts of Kieni Constituency. We will at the same time look at rehabilitating Hombe dam which has the potential to supply water to a huge part of Nyeri. We shall also seek to improve sanitation in our major urban centres such as Mukurwe-ini, Othaya, Chaka, Mweiga and Karatina that lack sewerage systems.

Infrastructure is an area that the Government of President Mwai Kibaki  has had a singular focus on and President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged to continue this legacy. In Nyeri County, out of a total of 2000 Kms of roads in the County, only 600 Kms are either tarmac or all weather roads. Improved roads facilitate movement of goods and people throughout the County which in turn increases trade and
production. Our aim will be to upgrade the 1400 Kms of roads to all weather roads so that every home in Nyeri County has a direct connection with an all-weather or tarmac road. We will utilize local labour
when building these roads to provide opportunities for employment.