Online Selection of NHIF Outpatient Facilities

All members of staff are hereby requested to forward their current telephone numbers and personal Identification numbers through their head of section, department and principal's of colleges to Registrar Administration for processing and forward the same to the University of Nairobi Chief Medical Officer.    The National Hospital Medical scheme is a social Health Insurance operated by NHIF.  The scheme commenced its outpatient services in July 2015.  The scheme seeks to ensure that every individual or family of the contributor enjoy the inpatient and out-patient covers to save them from the

National Examinations Timetable Rescheduled in Kenya

The Education Cabinet Secretary Professor Magoha reported that he has been touring various schools in the country to assess how conducive facilities are for the health and safety of the children, teachers and other staff in education institutions.  Adding that most schools seem to be congested  and will have to adhere to the rules of social distancing when they reopen, therefore urging management of these schools to construct additional classrooms to cater for those students safety while learning. 

Doctors and Nurses fight Corona Virus

Doctors and Nurses all over the world have been fighting the corona virus by risking their lives to save others.  This is being witnessed through the daily reports we receive from the ministry of health.  Some doctors and nurses have also been infected by the virus but they have not given up.  The fight against the virus continuous.  When this pandemic was first announced in Kenya many people including doctors and nurses panicked.  We all feared for our lives, and those of our loved ones and children.  Most of the people were shaken when isolation facilities were introduced to quarantine th