Vice- Chancellor's Virtual Address to Staff, Students and Stakeholders , Friday June 26, 2020

The Vice Chancellor Professor Kiama will tomorrow Friday June 26, 2020 at 2.00 p.m address the students, staff and stakeholders.  This is to invite all of you to this virtual address to hear what our Vice chancellor will be sharing with us.  He has good news that we are all patiently waiting to hear from him. 

Natural Disasters and Poor network affect online teaching and Learning

Poor network coverage in most parts of the country has affected the online teaching and learning.  In most parts of the country there has been heavy floods and landslides.  Due to these issues most of the students from the areas have been reporting that they have been unable to remain as consistent as their counterparts from other private institutions who are less affected.  The student of the University of Nairobi reported this on Sunday June 13, 2020 that most of them are not ready to sit for online examinations as they had missed most of the online lectures due to network interference.

Closure of Staff Appraisal System

Members of staff are hereby being reminded that the staff appraisal system shall be closed by 30th June, 2020.  Those staff that have not yet set the targets have 15 more days to do so.  When the system is closed no one will be able to in put content on the system.  As a matter of urgency use this remaining days to ensure that your targets are set.  Corona virus is here with us but offices are opened to enable you work on your targets as we were directed by our Registrar, Administration Mr.

Vice-Chancellor's Address to the University of Nairobi Fraternity

The University of Nairobi Vice - Chancellor Professor Stephen Kiama today Friday June 12, 2020 at 3.00 p.m addressed the staff, students and University of Nairobi stakeholders.  In his speech he started by thanking all the members of staff and students.  He noted that since the University started online teaching and learning, he has not received any complaints from the students or staff, just to prove that every thing has been going on smoothly.

Sensitization/Training of staff in College of Architecture and Engineering on the Procedure for Control of Records

 Acting Records Manager on Friday November 8, 2019 sensitized/trained the College of Architecture and Engineering staff on the concept of Records Management by going through the Procedure for Control of Records, UON/OP/02.  This procedure is designed to cater for records of the university from the point of creation to the final stage of the records disposition.  During this period records are created/received, used, maintained and finally disposed of as Archives or destroyed for those without continuing value.