Central Units Corruption Prevention Committee

The University of Nairobi constituted several committee to foresee the issues of corruption and report to the EACC.  The Central Units corruption committee comprises of the 22 units of central administration.  This committee is chaired by the University Finance Officer.  They usually hold quarterly meetings to deliberate on issues of corruption in their units and forward a report to university corruption committee which compiles all the reports submitted from colleges and central units then re-submit the same report to EACC. 

Masks wearing prevents the spread of Covid 19 Pandemic

Masks wearing is more important for preventing the virus's spread and the deadly covid 19 pandemic than social distancing and lock down orders.  infection trends shifted dramatically when masks wearing rules were implemented in the most hardest hit countries that is Italy and New york at the beginning of the month of April 2020.  The scientist asserted that by the end of May 2020 in Italy alone the infections had reduced by 78,000 and in New York by 66,000.  This information is important in that many people are walking out there without wearing masks claiming that they are unable to breath