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Masks wearing prevents the spread of Covid 19 Pandemic

Masks wearing is more important for preventing the virus's spread and the deadly covid 19 pandemic than social distancing and lock down orders.  infection trends shifted dramatically when masks wearing rules were implemented in the most hardest hit countries that is Italy and New york at the beginning of the month of April 2020.  The scientist asserted that by the end of May 2020 in Italy alone the infections had reduced by 78,000 and in New York by 66,000.  This information is important in that many people are walking out there without wearing masks claiming that they are unable to breath

Closure of Staff Appraisal System

Members of staff are hereby being reminded that the staff appraisal system shall be closed by 30th June, 2020.  Those staff that have not yet set the targets have 15 more days to do so.  When the system is closed no one will be able to in put content on the system.  As a matter of urgency use this remaining days to ensure that your targets are set.  Corona virus is here with us but offices are opened to enable you work on your targets as we were directed by our Registrar, Administration Mr.

Vice-Chancellor's Address to the University of Nairobi Fraternity

The University of Nairobi Vice - Chancellor Professor Stephen Kiama today Friday June 12, 2020 at 3.00 p.m addressed the staff, students and University of Nairobi stakeholders.  In his speech he started by thanking all the members of staff and students.  He noted that since the University started online teaching and learning, he has not received any complaints from the students or staff, just to prove that every thing has been going on smoothly.

University of Nairobi among top Universities in 2020 World Ranking

The University of Nairobi has emerged among the top 6.8 percent of institutions in a 2020 World ranking report by the Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR)  In its 2020-2021 listing by the centre that publishers the largest academic rankings of global universities, UoN was placed position 801 world wide and position 20 in Africa.  the University of Nairobi is the only Institution of Higher learning in Kenya that made it in this global ranking.  

Appointment of Professor Margaret Jesang as Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance, Planning and Development

Professor Jesang is a Horticulturalist and senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.  She has provided strong leadership in several areas and institutions such as being the longest serving Board member for Horticultural Crops Development Authority, Faculty of Agriculture.  She also served in the Task force for Higher Education which sought to harmonize the higher Education sector with the new Kenya Constitution (2010) and vision 2030.

Presidential digitalent application

Digitalent is a strategic intervention by ICT Authority on behalf of the Ministry of Information Communication Technology to develop and sustain high end ICT talent by bridging the gap between industry requirements and capabilities of local workforce.  The programme has trained over 1200 ICT graduates so far.  The 2020-2021 call for applications targets Digitalent Cohort 5 recent ICT graduates.  The internship is offered to Kenyan youths who recently graduated with ICT, Engineering, Education (e-learning and content development) Medicine, Built Environment, Agriculture, Law and Communicatio

Appointment of Prof. Enos Njeru as the Deputy Vice Chancellor Human Resource and Administration

The Vice Chancellor Professor Kiama has appointed Professor Enos Njeru on acting capacity as the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Human Resource and Administration for a period of six months.  Professor Enos Njeru was the immediate Principal of College of Humanities and Social Sciences.Professor Njeru is currently a professor of sociology and Anthropology in the department of Sociology, University of Nairobi.  He hold a Ph.D in cultural Anthropology and has many year of lecturing and res


From as early as the 1980s, software applications emerged to assist records management professionals manage diverse digital content as these applications increased in number and sophistication, different terms were used to describe them as, Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS),Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS),Integrated Document and Records Manageme


True champions are not born but trained.  The central unit web champions play a key role in initiating technology in the organisation by uploading contents, photos and information on the organisational websites.  Generally they are charged with the maintenance and updating of contents of the organisation through blog commenting, soliciting of back links, referring domains and presence.  The has put our university of the global map through global rankings that are done yearly.  The university of Nairobi has been excelling in this rankings through the effort of the web champions.


A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.  Policies are generally adopted by governance body within an organization.  There are various forms of disability namely, vision impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, mental health conditions, intellectual disability, acquired brain injury, autism spectrum disorder and physical disability.  The university of Nairobi management has appointed a Disability Mainstreaming Committee to review the existing policies and ensure that all the members of staff leaving with any form of disability are captured.