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From: 14th May 2013
To: 14th May 2014


The Administration Department is responsible for delivery of management’s service function to all operating units.  It, therefore, endeavours to connect and inspire all its customers and provide leadership by:

  • Undertaking continuous leadership development
  • Developing and implementing an ethical, effective, efficient, equitable, transparent and objective management systems and processes
  • Implementing a change management strategy
  • Enhancing staff motivation and performance
  • Increasing awareness of staff regarding policies, rules and regulations
  • Implementing and enforcing policies, rules and regulations
  • Developing staff for improved performance
  • Re-defining the mechanisms of interacting with unions
  • Bracing the vision, mission and core values of the University
  • Strengthening and sustaining policy on HIV/AIDS
  • Formulating and implementing policies on gender, disability and marginalization

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