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Fri, 2017-07-21 13:49
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University of Nairobi

The chinese bilionaire Jack Ma visited the University of Nairobi yesterday Thursday July 20, 2017 at 2.00p.m and gave a public lecture in the Towers to the University Top Management, Teaching and non teaching staff, Students, Government Officials and the Public.  In his lecture, he urged the youth to turn the African problems into opportunities.  He informed the participants that the developed countries are scared of losing what they have accumulated for a long time  but the good thing is that Africa has nothing to loose.  Instead Africans should use this chance to acquire what they do not have by venturing into internet business.  In his parting shot, he said that "be a person who is respected, not necessarily wealthy."

Jack Ma never gave up.  He strived to reach where he is now by working smart.  He used his downfalls into opportunities.  He applied for jobs for 33 times but received only regrets.  He also applied to join Havard University for his studies and was rejected 10 times.  All the regrets and rejects turned into opportunity.  Never give up no matter what the outcome.

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