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Administration department trained by Octagon pension scheme
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Date and time: 
Mon, 2017-06-05 16:41
Location / Venue: 

University of Nairobi Council Chambers board room

Senior staff of Administration department were trained on post retirement medical scheme by AAR staff and Octagon staff on Monday June 5, 2017 at the Council chambers.  They were enlightened on the importance of having a medical cover after retirement since many people develop complications after retirement.

Members of staff from the Administration department were sensitized on post retirement medical scheme. Mr. Joseph Owino from Octagon Pension Services Limited was the facilitator of the training. Octagon Pension Services Limited is the Pension Secretariat and the steering committee whose mandate is to offer Post Retirement Medical Scheme and Consultancy Services so as to guarantee staff members a comfortable retirement.

During employment, a staff member will contribute part of their pension contribution and paid in a fund to pay for medical insurance premiums after employment. Octagon will work together with AAR Health insurance to provide medical care in most medical service providers in the country.The product Octagon will offer is the Afya Plus post-retirement medical cover after active employment. The cover will pay for medical expenses during hospital visits and admission, rescue and evacuation in cases of emergency.


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Sun, 2017-12-31 16:41
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Registrar, Administration