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Internal Quality Auditors Refresher Training
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Fri, 2017-05-19 10:15
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The Deputy Management Representative Mr. Moturi and the ISO Secretariat sensitized the Internal Quality Auditors on how to write Audit reports and upload on the Q-pulse.  The training took place yesterday May 18, 2017 at the Central Catering Unit (CCU) from 7.00a.m to 11.a.m.  The MR shared the KEBS External report of March 2017 and went through all the items that had been highlighted as Non conformities both major and minor.  It was reported that there were 4 major nonconformities and 22 minor nonconformities.

It was reported that as they were going through the reports with the External Auditors they found out that most of the reports uploaded on the Q-pulse were incomplete.   The Audit was performed but the report on the Q-pulse had not been concluded and closed.

As a way forward it was discussed and agreed that the Auditors should go back to the Q-pulse and complete the reports. They suggested that they should be having ISO meetings at least ones in month.  That Internal Auditors should improve on the way of reporting their Audit outcomes. It was suggested that the Auditees should also be sensitized especially in the areas of Risks and Opportunities identification.   That the Managing Representative will continue updating the IQAs on the QMS tips weekly.    That the next sensitization will be on Root Cause Analysis.


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