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Records Management
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Records as a source of information are a basic resource which plays a vital
role in the management of the University. Records play a key role in the
preservation of the University’s identity, and also contribute significantly in
the realisation of good governance. Records ensure that the University has
documented evidence of its own activities on which it can base its decisions.
Properly managed records will significantly contribute to efficiency and
effectiveness of service delivery in the University. Furthermore, records are an
important corporate asset that must be highly profiled. Records underpin
business by supporting daily functions and operations. They contribute to
policy formulation, decision-making, act as a reference point and uphold
knowledge and evidence based governance. As evidence of official business,
records have continuous use as a tool for management, accountability, risk
management, operational continuity and legal evidence. When records
become archives, they form the memory of the University, and are part of the
societal memory and documentary heritage.

Records Management Unit’s Mission
To provide quality records management service for the entire University
fraternity for provision of quality education and training and to ensure proper
maintenance of standards through efficient creation, maintenance, preservation,
transmission and utilization of information for knowledge.



Josephine Wangutusi

Ag. Records Manager






    Ms. Veronicah M. Julius

    Assistant Registry Supervisor






    Ms. Stella M. Geoffrey

    Assistant Registry Supervisor






    Ms. Moraa Kerandi

    Assistant Registry Supervisor





Ms. Jane Abere

Assistant registry supervisor



  Mrs. Priscah Kimari

    Registry Clerk






    Ms. Martin Mukholi

    Registry Clerk








Mr. Douglas Kibagendi

Registry Clerk


Millicent Nyakwaka Atieno

Registry Clerk





Mr. Donald Odieki Juma

office Assistant

Mr. Aminga Peter Nyakeri

Office Assistant