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University Staff urged to invest in the stock market.
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Date and time: 
Tue, 2016-08-30 18:29
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8-4-4 Building

CMA resource persons sensitize staff on investments

University of Nairobi staff members have been urged to invest in the stock market to realize the gains that the equities market present.

Dr. Hellen Ethangatta, from Capital Markets Authority, cited the case of Safaricom stock that has risen from Kshs. 2 to Kshs. 20 per share over a period of nine years as she urged staff members to focus on long term investments.

She noted that investing should be a priority and done with a long term view as the returns can be very handy when it comes to paying college fees for the children or funding retirement.

Drawing examples from stock market moguls like Dr. Chris Kirubi and Warren Buffet who have invested for four decades and amassed wealth over the same, staff members were urged to be prudent in their investments. Among the things they need to consider while investing include: companies with good management, cash flows and manageable debt.

Nairobi Stock Exchange was as well hailed as the best performing exchange in Africa and the third best performing exchange in the world.

Among the investments options available from the Nairobi Stocks Exchange include: equities or stocks, treasury bills and bonds, real estate investment trust (REITS) and soon derivatives will be introduced into the market. Staff members were told to encourage their young children to start saving and investing early in their lives as they have the advantage of time.

While closing the sensitization forum, Mr. G. P. Mbugua, the Registrar, Administration thanked the Capital Markets Authority resource persons for the investment education to the University staff.

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