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University of Nairobi participates in the ISO Conference
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Wed, 2015-04-08 20:27

University of Nairobi participates in the 19th ISO Conference

A team from the University of Nairobi participated in this year's 19th ISO Conference held at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi from March 7-9, 2015 with one aim : improving the quality in service delivery.

ISO, International Organization for Standardization, is one of the major standards used in the world to measure quality. Others standards discussed at the conference includes 5S ( Structurise, Systematise, Sanitise, Standardise, Self-Discipline) and Lean 5S, these being the major standards that have gained prominence the world over and are used by such companies like Toyota, the leading automobile manufacturer. 5S standards is used to ensure safety, quality, elimination of waste and to solve organizational problems.

Standardization is very important hallmark of quality and for that reason, it is used in such sectors as manufacturing, construction, banking , hospitals, education among others.

University of Nairobi having been ISO Certified in 2007 and recertified in 2011 participated in the event and further showcased some of the ways it has used the standards to achieve high quality of education and hence become the fountain of knowledge, not just in Kenya, but in the region.

Some of the quality hallmarks by the University includes : Clean Working Environment, Infrastructure development, teaching and learning facilities, safe keeping of records, improved ICT usage, calibration of equipment, service delivery among others.

 ISO 9000 Certification recommends continuous improvement and in this regard the University is always improving its services to ensure customer satisfaction. The focus is on the customer.   

One of the success factors in the implementation of the standards include management involvement and participation.  The major advantages of adopting these standards among the various industries have been cost reduction, increase in productivity,  reduction in delivery time and reduction in customer complaints.  


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