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University of Nairobi hosts Businessmen – Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities
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Wed, 2015-04-01 13:29

30 Percent Sensitization Meeting with Business People

Following the Presidential directive to give 30% of Tenders to Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities, the University of Nairobi , Performance Contract Secretariat and Procurement Department organized a sensitization workshop with the business people from this special category   to sensitize them on ways they can better engage with the University to enrich their businesses.

Speaking during the event, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter M. F. Mbithi reiterated the University’s commitment to work with this special group to achieve the 30% worth of tenders and surpass the target. “The University is known for excellence. We need to surpass the 30% target.”

The business people were urged to help the university procure goods of high quality and help the University in its mission of being the best University in Africa. They were further urged to be people of integrity.

Prof. Mbithi assured the businessmen of an open door policy to help them address issues that could delay their operations; he further challenged them to keep records to enhance their efficiency.

Bearing in mind that the future of Kenya lies with the youth, the Vice-Chancellor noted that the youth will be given tenders to help them grow wealth, expand their business operations and employ more Kenyans.

The Procurement Manager, Mr. Joseph Mokaya, noted that the University had set aside Khs. 326 Million for the Performance Contract Year 2014/2015 for the Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities. Out of that money, 2% was reserved for persons with disabilities. He added that the process of doing tenders has been made easier, since the tender documents are no longer sold, but given for free and there is no bid bond required either. He divulged that the tenders are available on newspapers, PPOA website, University of Nairobi website, tenders website among other websites.

Among the goods that can be procured by this special category include detergents, minor repairs and maintenance, ICT accessories, computer software, food stuff among others.

The sensitization workshop was attended by members of the University Management Board.

Others present include Acting Chief Medical Officer, M. R. B Otieno, Finance Officer, Mr. Michael Karue, Chief Internal Auditor, Mr. Peter Igiria , Estates Manager Mr. Transicio Thuita, ICTC Director, Ibrahim Otieno, Director of SWA Mr. Lugwe  among others. 






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