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Training SWA personnel on Records Management
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Start Date: 
Mon, 2018-10-08 15:26 - Mon, 2018-12-31 15:26
Central catering Unit (CCU)

Futher to the memo by the DVC (A&F) referenced  UON/CA/2/34 Vol. X on Records Management indicators in the current Performance Contract 2018/2019 that cuts across all the Colleges, SWA and Central Administration.  Today Monday October 8, 2018 the Records Manager trained Eleven (11) members of staff from Students Welfare Authority (SWA) on Records Management and on the importance of records in an organization.

The members were also senstized on the importance of laws, regulations, statutes and policies put in place to ensure proper management of records in the organization.

Records being the heart of the organization they were urged to ensure that they guard them well in secure storage equipment and rooms for logivity and to serve the purpose that led to their creation.

Contact Person: 
Registrar Administration