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Training of ODEL campus in Records Management 2018
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The office of Records Management trained the Odel Campus staff on prudent records management.   The Director Prof. Christoper Gakuo and his Deputy Prof. Harriet Kitombo were in attendance.  They reiterated that proper records keeping is a very important task that all the staff have to adhere to.

They emphasised on efficient and effective records management.  That the staff should take atmost 5 minutes to retrieve a document.  Delays in tracing and retrieving of documents have led to delays in action being taken.   That they have received several cases of missing of marks of the students due to poor records keeping systems in place.

They urged the staff to take the training seriously and comply to the requirements of the laws, standards, policies and regulations as regards records management.  The excercise shall be rolled out to all centres to ensure uniformity and compliance in Records management.  About twenty (20) members of Nairobi and Machakos centres were taken through the traning.