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Tharaka Nithi County
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IdentityTharaka Nithi County Emblem

Mwimbi, Muthambi, Chuka, Tharaka and Mbeere share a common identity/heritage (Thagicu, or Ngaa). We are all from a contiguous geographical area, the highlands and the lowlands east of Mt. Kenya.
We share same oral migration history from Mbwaa in 1700s through Igaironi and settled in our present region by 1730. We share great living traditions, the Council of elders acted as Executive, Legislative and Judiciary- Njuri Ncheke. We have common heroes and heroines, Mukuna Ruku, Kaura wa Bechau, Mugwe, Kibuuka, etc. Same age sets- Kaburia…

Sub-tribes and Language

Tharaka Nithi County is home to several sub tribes namely: Tharaka, Chuka, Muthambi, Mwimbi and the Mbeere who speak Kitharaka, Kichuka, Kimuthambi. Kimwimbi and Kimbeere languages respectively.

Clans are still a vital influence in Tharaka Nithi County as most of these sub tribes continue to factor in clan origins for various decision making and community activities.

Njuri Ncheke Council of elders though not as vibrant as in the past, has also played a role in growth of the Tharaka Nithi community and are still consulted in various community social issues such as politics, development and land issues.

Tharaka Nithi – Our Responsibility

In addition to shared common Identity we share a common responsibility too
– Build social cohesion, by encouraging inter community dialogue and understanding
– Promote economic growth
– Create a community’s competitive edge in all sectors of our Nation’s development

Kenya Vision 2030

Long-term blue print for the country inspired to create a better society in 23 years
Aim is to create “a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2030” (Source Government of Kenya, Kenya Vision 2030)

Tharaka Nithi as a Community needs to:
– Identify with it
– Believe in it
– Rally behind it
– Share in its spoils

The Road Ahead

We have to shoulder our responsibility, both individually and collectively for driving our people now and into the future
We have to provide leadership and direction to our people
We have collective responsibility to safeguard our common heritage