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Nyamira County
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“A leading County in efficient utilization of resources, effective provision of essential services, industrial growth and development initiatives for improved quality of life for all”


To foster the County’s economic growth through intensive and efficient utilization of locally available resources thus improving the living standards of our people

Population size and composition.

         The Total projected population 2013 is 632, 046 (males 303,252 and females 328,783) with inter census population growth rate being  1.83 percent.
         Under 1 Year being 3 percent of the total population 20,534(males 10,278 and female 10,256).
         Pre- School going age (Under 5 years): being 16 percent of the total population 102,470.
         Primary School Going Age (6-13 years): being 22 percent of the total population 139,315.
         Secondary School Going Age (14-17 years): being 10 percent of the total population 61,253.
         Youthful population (15-29 years): being 28 percent of the total population 178,918.
         Female reproductive age (15-49 years): being 25 percent of the total population 158,507.
         The labour force (15-64 yrs): being 52 percent of the total population 331,433.
         Aged population (above 65yrs): The dependent population has been estimated at 22,153.
         Urban Population: the county has three major towns namely Nyamira, Nyansiongo and Keroka with a total population of 197,972.

Education and literacy

    According the to the population and housing census 2009, the literacy level for the adult population – 15 years and above who can read and write was 91.1 percent.
    Those who cannot read and write was 8.9percent.
    Those who can read alone was 94.3 percent.
    Those who cannot read was estimated at 5.7 percent.
    Those who can and cannot write was estimated at 90.7 percent and 9.3 percent respectively. Approximately 305,394 (Male 156,825 Female 148,573) of the county population aged 3 years and above were attending school.
    Approximately 281,318 (Male 127,949, Female 153,369) had left school and 54,104 (Male 20,128, Female 33,976) never attended.
    The Near gender parity with regards to the percentage of schooled population at 51% male and 49% Female.

Education institutions:

    The County has 661 ECD, 510 Primary Schools: 247 Secondary Schools, 3 Public University Campuses and 15 Youth Polytechnics.