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Marsabit County
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Location and size

Marsabit County is one of the 47 county of the Republic of Kenya created under the Constitution 2010.  It boarders Ethiopia to the North, Lake Turkana to the West, Samburu County to the South and Wajir and Isiolo Counties to the East.  The County covers an area of 70,961.2 Km2. It occupies the extreme part of northern part of Kenya. It is divided into four constituencies namely: Moyale, North horr, Saku and Laisamis and 20 has electoral wards. The county has two towns: Moyale and Marsabit and three urban centre: Sololo, Loiyangalani and Laisamis.

Administrative and Political Units

Marsabit county is divided into seven sub-counties: Marsabit Central, Marsabit South (Laisamis), Marsabit North (Chalbi), Loiyangalani, North Horr, Moyale and Sololo (Table 1.1) the sub-counties are further divided into 14 divisions, 58 locations and 112 Sub-Locations.There are two divisions in each sub-county. There is however variation in the number of locations and sub-locations. Moyale with 13 locations and 26 sub-location has the highest number of administrative units while North Horr with seven locations and eight sub-Locations has the least administrative units. Moyale has the highest number of administrative units because it has the highest population. Although Marsabit North, Loiyangalani and North Horr form 72% of the total county area, they lie in Chalbi desert, where large rocky and unutilised pieces of land are found.  The county has four constituencies namely: Saku Constituency which covers the entire Marsabit Central sub-counties, Laisamis Constituency which covers Marsabit South (Laisamis) and Loiyangalani sub-counties, North Horr Constituency consisting of North Horr and Marsabit North (Chalbi) sub-counties and Moyale Constituency covers Moyale and Sololo sub-counties.