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Kiambu County
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Physical & Topographic Features

Kiambu County is divided into four broad topographical zones viz, Upper Highland, Lower Highland, Upper Midland and Lower Midland Zone. The Upper Highland Zone is found in Lari Constituency and it is an extension of the Aberdare ranges that lies at an altitude of 1,800-2,550 metres above sea level. It is dominated by highly dissected ranges and it is very wet, steep and important as a water catchment area. The lower highland zone is mostly found in Limuru and some parts of Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Githunguri and Kabete constituencies. The area is characterized by hills, plateaus, and high-elevation plains. The area lies between 1,500-1,800 metres above sea level and is generally a tea and dairy zone though some activities like maize, horticultural crops and sheep farming are also practiced. There are also large plantations of pineapples owned by Del Monte in parts of Thika sub county.

The upper midland zone lies between 1,300-1,500 metres above sea level and it covers mostly parts of Juja and other constituencies with the exception of Lari. The landscape comprises of volcanic middle level uplands. The lower midland zone partly covers Thika Town (Gatuanyaga), Limuru and Kikuyu constituencies. The area lies between 1,200-1,360 metres above sea level. The soils in the midland zone are dissected and are easily eroded. Other physical features include steep slopes and valleys, which are unsuitable for cultivation. Large parts of Lari, Gatundu north and south sub counties are covered by forests