Administration Department

Commited to Service Delivery

Kericho County
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Vision Statement for the County


A diverse and dynamic community with a healthy economy and environment where all people and businesses have the opportunity to thrive


Mission Statement


To preserve and enhance the quality of life for all citizens by ensuring optimum services, open government, and creative use of community resources.


Values and Principles of Governance


The following guiding principles are values that reflect our beliefs about the roles and responsibilities of our county government:


  • Collaborative and Democratic – To work together effectively within the government and in collaboration with other governments, private entities and community partners.
  • Results-focused – To establish community driven goals, measure our performance, and report to the public on our success in meeting those goals.
  • Accountability – To be responsive and transparent to the public in our roles, functions and actions as individuals and as a government. We accept responsibility for the decisions we make and the actions we take.
  • Professionalism – To perform to a high standard of excellence. We take pride in our employees and invest in their job satisfaction and development.
  • Fair and Just – To serve all residents of Kericho County by promoting fairness and opportunity and eliminating inequities.
  • Integrity – To act consistently with our values and the highest ethical standards
  • Leadership – To engage, motivate and inspire others to collaboratively achieve common goals through example, vision and commitment.
  •  Sustainable development – To undertake projects that are self – sustaining so as to reduce future fiscal burdens on the county budgets.
  • Social Justice – To have a just society for everyone
  • Respect for Human Rights – To have a society where each person’s natural rights are respected and where everyone is treated equally before the law.