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The Accountants Act, Cap 531 of the Laws of Kenya was repealed and replaced with the Accountants Act, No. 15 of 2008 which took effect from 30 December 2008.  The Accountants Act, No. 15 of 2008 is buttressed by the Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya Act, Cap 534, which reaffirms KASNEB as the examining body for the Certified Secretaries (CS) profession.

The mandate of KASNEB is the development of syllabuses, conduct of professional, diploma and technician examinations and certification of candidates in finance, accountancy, governance, management, information technology among other related disciplines; the promotion of its qualifications nationally and internationally and the accreditation of relevant training institutions.

In pursuance of the mandate, KASNEB enhances its existing products and introduces new ones in order to meet the needs of the marketplace.