Administration Department

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Industrial Relations
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There are three registered trade unions (UASU, KUSU and KUDHEHIA workers) which negotiate the terms of service on behalf of their members at national and internal levels.

The agreed terms are contained in Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) which are registered and gazetted as provided by Law.

  • UASU: For teaching staff only
  • KUSU: For senior non-teaching staff and staff from grades A-F
  • KUDHEHIA Workers: For Members of Staff in Grades I-IV

Staff Members


Ms. Hannah Mukua

   Senior Assistant Registrar (HRIMIS)








   Mr. Harrison S. Akala

  Senior  Assistant Registrar






Mr. Edward Sibota

Assistant Registrar



   Mrs. Jacinta W. Kamunge

  Senior  Assistant Secretary






Mr. Patrick Karuu

Assistant registry supervisor (HRIMIS)